Mission, Vision, and Core Values


Colleton County School District will prepare every student to graduate with a 21st century education to be globally competitive for their chosen college and/or career path.

Vision Statement

Cottageville Elementary School will be a world-class school system that ensures all students achieve at high levels. 

Core Values

Our core values express our fundamental beliefs, ethics, and overarching priorities.

-Our core purpose is teaching and learning.

-Effective teaching is the most essential factor in student learning.

-Effective leadership supports learning and optimal performance for all students.

-CES is committed to every student being successful in meeting the profile of the SC Graduate when provided high expectations and sufficient, appropriate supports.

-A safe, secure, and positive environment will be conducive for teaching and learning.

-Trusting, positive and productive relationships among all stake holders are built through meaningful communication and engagement.

-Organizational development and professional growth opportunities for all employees are essential to becoming a world-class school system.

-CES is committed to providing an equitable, effective digital learning environment.

-Every member of TEAM COLLETON works for kids and makes important contributions toward becoming a world-class school system.



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