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Library Schedule

Cottageville Elementary School’s library is open daily from 7:30-3:00.  On Tuesdays & Thursdays the library opens at 7:00am. The library operates on a fixed schedule with all students coming to the library once per week. 

 Checkout Policy

 All students are given a lesson on book care. Students are responsible for any book that they check out from the library. Students must return their book each week or bring it in for renewal.   

Book Fair 

Cottageville Elementary School has at least one book fair each year. Profits from the book fair buy library books, instructional materials and supplies for the library.

Computer Use

Cottageville Elementary School students are encouraged to use the computers in the library, computer labs, and classrooms.  However, all students must return a signed Student Acceptable Use and Internet Safety Policy form each year before they are allowed to use the computers.  The forms are sent home at the start of each school year. Click on the "Forms" link to access this form.